Photoflyer is the only authentic (analogue) marketing tool that creates instant brand sympathy by using instax (the new polaroid) to connect & involve people. For every brand world wide that wants to communicate one on one in an era where digital is the standard.


The Photoflyer Wide is where it all started. This pure analogue product is by far the most used solution. It’s our biggest Photoflyer (9 x 11 cm), possible to print in less than 5 seconds and is completely analogue. So no digital copies are made whatsoever. By just adding a # to your message, this Photoflyer still offers the possibility to add a social component to your campaign though.


1. Wide size, more space to communicate your message, front and back
2. Quickest photo marketing tool, less than 5 seconds per print.
3. Pure analogue, no digital copying possibilities.
4. Multiple options tear-off coupon and win codes.
5. Useful for every occasion


The Photoflyer Square is our newest product. The ultimate combination of an analogue retro square polaroid picture with a digital solution. A digital camera with easy re-print options, multiple filters and digital storage in one camera, prints the Instax Photo (the new polaroid) on the spot. The Photoflyer Square brings you the best of everything.


1. Square size (the real polaroid design is back).
2. Analogue & digital in one camera.
3. Diversity in filters (black & white, Sepia, Martini, etc).
4. Easy re-print option
5. Creative options for conversion and communication.


The Photoflyer Share, which we also call it the ‘pocket size’ flyer is our smallest product in the range. Through the use of this one, we can focus on social media and consumer data collection. It also offers the possibility of survey integration during a campaign. By adding features as tear-off coupons, (win) codes and special coatings Photoflyers can be upgraded and give you a broader, richer one-on-one moment.


1. This printer will connect to every Android device with our mobile app.
2. Possibility to collect data instantly during your campaign.
3. Sharing on social has never been this easy!
4. Maximize your conversion

Additional products

In this section, you’ll find additional products from our portfolio. From do-it-yourself packages (Camera, film, sticker frames and bag) to promo-teams and logo branded cases to finish off your campaign. Our studio team can also design your Photoflyer. Photoflyers can be made in different size and die-cut but also with special coatings to give it that special finish.


With our 14 years of international experience we can tell you exactly which conversion tool works best for your campaign. From a tear-off coupon, magnet, win code, barcode and QR integration, all is possible, only the result counts!

90% KEEPSAKE conversion
A sustainable win, which will last longer than you can imagine.

35% – 51% SOCIAL conversion
Share analogue Photoflyers online with a unique #.

30% – 54% SALES conversion
Use the unique web shop discount code.

+26% BAR conversion
Use the tear-off coupon to offer free drinks and drive up sales.

+23% SHOP conversion
Use tear-off coupon for direct discount.

Create FUN conversion
Various custom made Photoflyer concepts.